2014 Rescue Award Recipients 

2014 Rescue Award Recipients 

volunteer awards

The Lifesaving Society Prince Edward Island Branch is very greatly for the volunteers throughout the province that assist the Society in various capacities.   The Society honours these volunteers through the Commonwealth Honour Awards.  These awards are the highest volunteer awards of the Commonwealth Society and recognize leadership and dedicated service to the Lifesaving Society.

  • The Certificate of Thanks honours volunteers for significant contributions to the aims of the Society.
  • The Service Medal acknowledges a minimum of five years of noteworthy service as a volunteer officer or committee member.
  • The Service Cross honours meritorious service to the Society for over 15 years.
  • Honorary Life Member recognizes at least 20 years’ service involving activity at a provincial as well as a national or international level.
  • Volunteers with a minimum 25 years of meritorious and noteworthy service a provincial as well as national or international level may be recognized as an Honorary Life Governor.
  • Commonwealth Vice President, the highest award of the Society, is normally reserved for individuals who have served on a National Council or the Commonwealth Council.  Others may qualify in exceptional circumstances.

rescue awards

The Lifesaving Society’s Rescue Award of Merit may be given to individuals involved in a water-related rescue or to Lifesaving Society award holders for a non-aquatic rescue. Lifeguards and instructors who perform rescues in the course of their employment are not normally eligible.

The criteria for deciding whether to recognize an individual include ability to recognize the emergency, a willingness to intervene; and evidence of good judgment. Neither the outcome (successful or not) nor the degree of risk involved are criteria in the decision to recognize an individual. However, timeliness is an issue. Normally, recognition is only given within 24 months of the rescue.

Send a written nomination outlining the facts to the Society’s office. Include information concerning when, where and under what circumstances the rescue occurred; what the rescuer (or others) did; the correct name, address and telephone number of the nominee(s).

Once approved, the Rescue Award of Merit certificate and a citation are prepared. Normally, we look for a public presentation opportunity like the Society’s Annual Meeting, a school assembly, town or city council meeting.