Preschool 2

These preschoolers learn to jump into chest-deep water by themselves, and get in and get out wearing a Personal Flotation Device. They'll submerge and exhale underwater. While wearing a Personal Flotation Device, they'll glide on their front and back.

  1. Enter and exit shallow water wearing PFD
  2. Jump into chest-deep water
  3. Submerge
  4. Submerge and exhale 3 times
  5. Float on front and back (3 sec. each) wearing PFD or with buoyant aid
  6. Roll laterally front to back and back to front, wearing PFD
  7. Glide on front and back (3 m each) wearing PFD or with buoyant aid
  8. Flutter kick on back with buoyant aid 5 m
  9. Water Smart messages: Within Arms' Reach; Wear a Lifejacket